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I'm a superhero

You can tell, because I wear my underwear outside my pants

19 July 1982
Don't expect sanity. That waved bye-bye long, long ago.

Coherency is overrated.

I am, in my own mind, reasonably intelligent, sometimes hilarious, fairly foul-mouthed, and overall a decent person. I teach, do research, read books, watch movies, follow politics (most of the time), make crafty things, have cats, live, breathe, eat, and do pretty much the same things as everybody else. I update frequently, mostly trivial day-to-day garbage. Very rarely do I say anything of consequence, and most of it is really only funny in my head.

I'm in what I hope is my last year of graduate school, which is full of craziness of the normal and not-so-normal varieties. In fact, the friends-only status of this journal is a direct result of the crazy, as I'm sure there are things in here that ought not be available to the general public. At least, not yet.

Sources for general amusement:
Piled Higher and Deeper: a webcomic about the joy and wonder of graduate school.
Whedonesque: where all my Whedonverse information comes from; these guys have eyes EVERYWHERE.
Apple Trailers: any new trailers, they're here in Quicktime.

Click for www.electoral-vote.com

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